A Recipe for Video Ambrosia

How one Creative Shop consistently creates video magic out of thin air.

Some of the best ads don’t cost a million dollars, half a million or even one hundred thousand. Though sometimes they do.  This creative shop has seen and done it all.  They shoot on an iPhone. They improvise. Or in a fit of pique, capture a moment of gorgeous video grace. Today, Video Marketing Companies, Production Companies, of all stripes need to be nimble, adept and oh so creative. This Creative Shop is one of them. In just one spot for the University of Florida, they let you in on the behind-the-scenes magic to show you how they delight and surprise.   

This tasty and outstanding video recipe is flexible, but the ingredients usually consist of:

  • 2 days of shooting in studio and at UF

  • 2 large helpings of green and blue screens

  • 2 dashes of prop-master puppetry

  • 4 dashes of superior drone work

  • A sprinkle of VFX animation

  • ½ Inch old-fashioned VHS player for added retro flavor

  • Serve with a smattering of video pixie dust

Put all the ingredients into the Kestum Bilt oven and…presto!  


Checkout their behind the scenes video magic below.