Great. Quick. Cheap.

“A business in Atlanta is having a Video Production Meeting”

Location: VP of Marketing’s Office.

The VP of Marketing, marketing manager and a brand specialist discuss a proposed budget from a Atlanta production company.  

Marketing Director: How did they come up with those video production numbers? They want WHAT for motion graphics?! And a “water truck”?!

Marketing Specialist: Uh… I think it was based off of our idea…and…

Marketing Director: Idea?! They don’t even understand our vision for the video content campaign.

VP of Marketing: I was very clear when I defined my vision to them.

Marketing Director: Tell them to call us when they have a lower estimate.  We’re not hiring Michael Bay.

Have you heard this before?

Businesses and Atlanta Video Production Company's Creative Team LOVE to talk about new ideas and marketing content first and wait until the very end to have the [CUE the SUSPENSE music]:

The FRIGHTFUL budget discussion.

Marketing Departments and a video producer from the Atlanta video content production company may talk about the creative for weeks, walk out of a brainstorm session feeling like they are now of one mind and clients will whisper to each other “We’re definitely all on the same page. The creatives really do get our marketing concept”

Suddenly numerical reality kicks in, the Atlanta video producer turns in the estimate for their video production services to it’s (hopefully) new client.

What’s the resolution?

At Kestum Bilt we believe in truth in advertising – and the cost of video production services.

Here are three ways Atlanta Video Production businesses can mitigate this above conversation:

  1. First, it’s important for agencies and organizations to understand how video budgets are created for video production content prior to starting a conversation around content development.

  2. Second, Atlanta video production businesses need to be transparent and explain the estimated budget instead of just sending a number.

  3. And third, offer video budget options instead of one definitive number. This helps in breaking down line items and costs. It also puts the client in the financial driver’s seat.

Below is our Kestum Bilt “Great. Fast. Cheap chart.*  Where are you on the chart?

*[Please NOTE these are general guidelines and Kestum Bilt always recommends hiring a professional video production company with a solid reputation for creating video content.]

Great.  Fast.  Cheap.

Great / Fast

The video content comes out as Great, better than expected or spot on.

A majority of the time Great and Quick are the two variables chosen.

A professional Atlanta video production company should always get hired when on the Quick track.

An inexperienced company will not be able to react quickly enough to get the job done correctly.

Fast / Cheap

Probably not the video content you initially set out to produce.

This option can bring a lot of tension to a production.

Reach out to recent media and film school graduates who need to create great content for their reels.  They’ll typically work hard and for less money to get the job done

Great / Cheap

Typically this production has the potential to turnout Good, but it will take time.

Approach an Atlanta video producer who you know is passionate about creating great video content.  

A video producer may choose to take the project on if your concept is appealing and they get time to work on it.
Examples: Non-Profit work, short films, community videos, music videos.


For more down-to-earth information on production costs and information about video content creation and distribution in Atlanta, please contact Pete Guzzo or  Hayes Stamper  at Kestum Bilt.

Please contact Kestum Bilt with any of your budget questions.