Including video marketing content on your Atlanta business’s website can be the difference between a bland, generic page and a vibrant interface attracting tonnes of traffic. As a powerful medium of communication and salesmanship, videos tell a story that words may not. Their amalgamation of sounds and visuals may help deepen the bond between brands and their audience. With a company video, you can depict the strength of your campaigns, new ideas and innovative ideas in a convincing and entertaining manner. However, the challenge remains ensuring you use the best video production services to deliver the most powerful message.


Video content marketing in Atlanta is a strategic marketing approach seeking to provide relevant and consistent content specifically targeted at one particular audience. This method of marketing has been proved to result into an increase in profitable customer action.

By incorporating visuals in this approach, the marketer ensures the target audience’s attention is grasped more effectively than through other popular methods such as blog articles and magazine adverts. This approach involves constantly staying in touch with the more popular trends, your audiences’ changing tastes and ultimately using your knowledge of your target market to provide engaging content with media you own and is strictly particular to your business.


1.How Video Content Marketing in Atlanta Works

The efficiency of videos lies in their versatility. Video content and video production can be molded into whatever campaign, experiment or mere important communication’ as you wish. They can work in a variety of different formats, with different styles tones and budgets while still reinstating your business’s consistent approach to bonding with your audience.

When making a video content brief, resist every urge to turn it into a grand Hollywood blockbuster as you envision it. Make it robust and well, to the point. It is what the video production company will use that outlines how they want to approach the project at hand and ideas on how they can get it done effectively. That said, below are some of the details you should include in your brief.

Your audience

For your message to be effective, it should be directed to the right audience. As such, before anything, you should understand your target audience. For this, you could talk to your sale department as they are in contact with the clients and customers every so often and have a better idea of whom they are and what their needs are. If you can outline this perfectly to your video marketing service, they will be in a position to come up with a creative way to get the message home.

The message

This is the sole reason for creating the video content right? It is the one thing that the audience will take away with them. And since the company videos are often short, you are better off focusing on important points to avoid confusing your audience.

Company background

Video Production Companies in Atlanta need to understand the brand and its background before they can come up with something tailor-made for your business. And if you think about it, information about your competition, market position and brand style are crucial. The brand style shall also affect the style, tone and voice used in the video.


This is information of where you intend to have the video content hosted. Of course, you will want it on your official website and YouTube. But in the event you plan on having a marketing campaign to support the video, it is important you state it in the brief.


Believe it or not, this is the first place many go to. It helps to sieve out those who are able to work with your video production budget and those who cannot. It will protect you from shocking budgets. However, if you are not sure of a reasonable budget, you could always leave this blank and use the proposals you receive as your direction. An Atlanta video production company can assist you on various budgets and what video production services are included within each budget.


Time frame

You are producing the video content for a certain purpose. Probably in response to a certain something that has a time frame. It is imperative that you communicate these dates to the video production and video producers so that they know just how much time they have to pull off a mind-blowing video for you.

2.The benefits of Atlanta content marketing videos include but are not limited to:

- The flexibility of their length and of the forms of media employed – from snapchat videos, vines or twitter media to documentaries, movies and youtube clips.

- Their strength as individual pieces – unlike articles, videos need not a variety of sources and hyperlinks to provide a full range of information but can instead, on their own, tell a prospective customer of all they need to know.

- They can grow viral on whatever platform you wish to post them – attracting more attention than written or photographic posts means that by posting the video on social media or by encouraging your audience to share it, you may have an internet impact no longer restricted to your page. This exposure can bring you a substantial amount of hits and traffic from groups outside your target audience, which may then be convinced by the quality of your marketing to become a prospective customer. This increase in audience will come without the cost of additional investment as you will not be charged for the advertising your initial audience will be doing for you by sharing your entertaining and informative marketing video.

- Video content can entice your Atlanta audience to stay longer on your web page before providing them with the actual information you wish to communicate. They do not need to be full-on, but can instead just count as a catch-phrase that grasps attention and prepares them for the further marketing techniques you have ahead.

- They can also be watched virtually anywhere, on both PC’s and mobile players, and may seem more comfortable for consumption by your audience than an article requiring reading and additional focus in an erratic, noisy environment.

- They can be recycled – company videos can be repackaged, edited differently or even sold should you no longer have need for them in their current state. This can allow you to save on new marketing campaigns or even generate more income from those wishing to use some of your material as a source.

In order for your video content in Atlanta to be effective, your content  strategy needs to be in accordance with your initial marketing plans. This means that you need to have established what you wish to achieve with whatever marketing method you choose to employ and your video marketing strategy need to match your initial goals.

For instance, if you had wished to alter target customer behavior so as to get them to navigate longer on your site, your content marketing video brief needs to include methods to convince your audience in your video to stay longer on your interface. You will need to identify goals in a clear and conducive manner that will allow you to devise methods in which to reach these goals.

This can be rendered easier by choosing the core characteristics of a video that would bring about the results you are seeking. Does it need to be light-hearted? Should it be entertaining? Or do you wish for it to be an awareness-raising experience?

If these questions are hard for you to answer, you may need the help of a professional Video Executive Producer or Creative who specializes in Video Content Strategy to assess your video marketing needs and create the strategy that will work for you. A large number of professionals now provide such services and will gladly work hand in hand with you on bringing your marketing ideas to fruition by offering an array of video production services.

The process of planning can be the most challenging and decisive, and it is imperative you team up with the right people to do so.

3. Getting The Right Video Marketing Brief

While seeking the help of professionals to have your video content marketing strategy briefed for you will involve delegation, it will also require you to make the right choice for your campaign. You will need to choose the right individual and team for the task, and communicate your needs to the best of your ability.

Contact Pete Guzzo and Kestum Bilt  today. They are dedicated to providing tailored marketing video production services for all sorts of businesses and will help you implement the most yielding strategy. Their attentiveness and substantial experience in the world of marketing will ensure you get the greatest quality of expertise you could wish for.