How to Find and Fall in Love with Your Video Director

Tips on Choosing the Best Director for Your Project

You’ve gone on Google. You’ve checked out lots of ‘sizzle’ reels. The big video idea came to you while you were walking the dog.  

Now it’s time to choose a video director in Atlanta for your project. 

There are lots of production companies and individuals with camera set-ups out there, so it’s not always easy to find the perfect person that’s within your budget. Our easy to follow guidelines can elevate your video project from good to amazing.  

The Reel Deal

You found a great Atlanta production company and love their ‘sizzle’ reel.  

But did you ask these three questions:

Wait! There are multiple directors?

Production companies can have multiple directors. Make sure you’re getting the director of the video(s) you liked in their reel.

Pete Guzzo: Award winning director: Film company lead in Atlanta, Georgia

Pete Guzzo: Award winning director: Film company lead in Atlanta, Georgia


Can he or she do the big “C”? Communicate. 

A good director has the ability to clearly communicate how they envision shooting, point of view, look and feel. 

I’ve got an idea. Does my director get it?

Sure, it’s great to have a real artist at the helm of your shoot, just make sure that they get what you want and can translate that into visuals and story. 

Kestum Bilt Caveat: Always, always, always make sure you know your director. Don’t walk onto your set with out first connecting with him or her, asking questions and getting what you need. 


Film Production Company Atlanta GA

These 5 Tips Will Help to Choose Your Perfect Director.


Director + Marketing = Video Gold. 

Knowing how to craft a message and visuals and tell a compelling story that will get folks to click, call and convert is the difference between a weekend golf warrior and Tiger Woods. A director who knows marketing and communication produces videos that convert viewers into buyers and believers. And if you don’t have a concept for your video, a good director can help you with ideation and concepts. 

Directing Style, Directing Substance. 

Video projects generally resonate with the director’s style and personality. Does the director you are considering match the style of the video you want produced? Does the subject matter match with the messaging the director is creating to tell the story? It’s often a critically overlooked part of the selection process. 

Happiness is a Happy Director

You want your director to be positive, upbeat, creative and easy to interact with. You don’t want to work with a director who belittles you, gives you that look of “How dare you question my artistic vision?”, or tells you your ideas aren’t possible out of sheer laziness. Make sure to meet with your director by phone, Skype or preferably in person. 

It’s important that you feel the director is enthusiastic about your project. It ensures you get a finished product that you love and a video that works for your client or business. 

Ensure your director knows their $h*t, aka their smart.

Make sure the director you collaborate with understands your business and goals. Having a deep understanding of your business allows him to communicate that understanding more effectively. Also, he should be able to communicate well during concepting, pre-production, production and post production.  

 KB X-tra Tip: Make sure your director knows your geographical area intimately. 

Hire a director that goes the extra mile.

A video has a lot of moving parts. Having a director who is truly invested in the success of your business means that they want to succeed as much as you do. That translates into higher quality work thatelevates the success of your project and campaign.

And…  that’s a WRAP!

Creating world-class videos whether they’re live action, animation, kinetic text, instructional or infographic can be the single most effective way to communicate. Period. Make sure to choose your director and production company wisely. 

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