It is important always to carry out an assessment when a year comes to an end. By conducting the assessment, you will be able to determine how the year was and how you performed throughout the year as well. For example, for a Miami video production company, the key concerns for a producer could be customer satisfaction, the company performance from a financial perspective and the production company`s internal relations. 

As a video company in Miami, Kestum Bilt is founded on the principles of continuous learning and growth. This explains our fantastic 2016 which saw us achieve some of our most crucial goals. However, the sailing was not always smooth, and as a result, we ended up learning so much throughout the year that we feel it is important we share it with you. 

Let`s jump straight to the three major things we learned from our 2016

Assign meaning to everything you do-This might sound ironic coming from a Commercial Production Company primarily due to our hectic shooting process, but it's every bit true. Assigning meaning to every task is essential to achieving your set goals as it keeps your interest and performance in the task at an optimum level. Video production is what we love and what we do. How do we do it? Simple, we give meaning to every simple task. We operate under the values of progression instead of profitability; this removes the financial perspective of what we do and gives way to commitment and passionate execution of our various production tasks. Once you develop a liking for what you do, you will discover that the task becomes more of pleasure than work to perform. We are passionate about all our projects and consequently ensure we give each project its required time and appropriate level attention.

Networking and Connecting with others- Many have asked how we managed a successful 2016, and the answer is knowing the Right People. We consider every person, business or community in Miami as part of us and as the 'Right People’ to push us further. What does this mean? This means that every person or business is a potential 'right person’ and it is only through continuous interactions that we can build and sustain a network. We have learned so much from our interaction with others and believe that each and every one of our clients has played a vital role in our success. As our potential client, we invite you to connect and build a network with us here.

Breathe Positivity- This is a paramount secret weapon that we believe has enabled us to achieve what we perceived as impossible in 2016. While analyzing our year at the first quarter, we noted a developing trend involving our mentality. Whenever we anticipated successful commercial shoots, we discovered that the video shoots would probably end up being successful. At the same time, every time we perceived an activity with a bit of negativity, the results weren’t too far from our expectations. Therefore, we decided to incorporate the principle of positivity in our video production company and sooner rather than later, we started noticing changes. Our operations were smoother with a positive mentality, and we avoided many scenarios that would otherwise bug us or slow down our activities. In short, a positive attitude will attract positivity throughout your operations. Try this today and note the immediate impact positivity will have on your activities. 

We learned a lot in 2016 about the video production industry in Miami and societal interactions as well. Luckily enough, all our lessons can be summed up and compiled to the three top learning points we've highlighted above. We cannot thank all our customers and clients enough for the continuous support throughout 2016. And before we list our list of 2016 accomplishments, we would love to take this opportunity to wish you all the best in the course of 2017 that all set goals might be achieved throughout the year. 

Below are some of our accomplishments for 2017

Shameless Self- aggrandizing –dealing with the highlights

Medi-Weightloss Campain- all activities related to writing, producing, post and directing. 

Terminix Commercial- All production operations

NAPA Auto Parts- color correction and modification, creative consulting, directing and producing

Cooper Tires- All writing, post, directing and producing activities

Visit Tampa Bay- Directing, post, and production as well as creative consulting

Arcon Stairlifts- All writing activities, directing and post production

Spirit of Art- Pilot in progress