Atlanta is all ears. But can anyone hear anything? DEAFENING SILENCE.

Atlanta is all ears. But can anyone hear anything? DEAFENING SILENCE. 

We’re talking about the new method of advertising that Atlanta marketers and TV commercial production companies are using nowadays; displaying their video content ads on mute. However, users can still easily un-mute their videos and watch them in full screen view with sound. It’s a system that enables users to have more control over their ad experience. 

Case in point: Internet radio platform where Pandora now allows its users to have better control over ad content in company video. 

We definitely give a thumbs-up to this kind of approach to advertising, but first let's look at some little context... 

When Mary speaks... 

Mary Meeker is a former Wall Street stocks and securities analyst and currently a partner with Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers. According to her, today up to 419 million people across the world use software that block mobile ads. If you consider the fact that almost 2 billion people now use smartphones worldwide, then the number of ad blockers could be substantially higher than speculated. 

Kestum Bilt is our video production firm based in Atlanta, Florida. Here, apart from giving dialogue a chance, we also have a strong belief that your audience -- that's your Atlanta customers on the other end -- are the people in control of the steering wheel in this conversation. Therefore, commercial production companies need to listen to what their customers are saying, understand them and adjust their video ads accordingly. 


There is Power in Silence 

Ever heard of the saying "numbers never lie"? Nowhere else does this come to life than on Facebook where up to 80% of users dislike loud ads popping up in their newsfeed. Further, another recent survey found out that over a third of these same users prefer muted ads. The fact that Facebook has implemented this buy having ads automatically start playing but without sound shows that Mark Zuckerberg is listening to his audience keenly. 

Now, one big question arises: if TV commercial production companies and other marketers can’t make use of sound -- at least upfront -- to grab their audience's attention, how can they navigate around this limitation? 

Before picking your phone to call video production experts like us at Kestum Bilt, please take the following into account: Always Maintain the Quality of Your Content, But With Some Tweaks. 

Check out our quick tips on how to do this below: 

1) Make good use of the NEW 2-second rule: In the past you had 5-7 seconds to grab the attention of your audience; now you have only 2 seconds. Make them count! 

2) Take advantage of the Power of Silence: Rather than struggle with trying to figure out how to use sound, why not come up with compelling visuals or a countdown? 

3) Squeeze your CTA into the first 10 seconds: However much this may appear to go against normal direct response principles, worry not. Nowadays it pays to go direct to the point. Get a chyron/title card in that’s very easy to read with your offer. 

4) Make maximum use of Subtitles: Just like the old silent films, add subtitles to your content. Recent research shows that including subtitles is capable of pushing up your content's views substantially. 

5) Get into your Audience's Feelings: Having a story that appeals to your customer's emotions and feelings works wonders. Tell your story visually. Use imagery that moves your audience emotionally. 

Finally, if you’re seeking to have the best video content -- either muted or un-muted -- our creatives and video producers are just an email or quick call away! We guarantee you the most professional and innovative video generation services in Atlanta and beyond. 


Yours Sincerely, (silent) Kestum Bilt. 


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