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What is the one sound you can hear when you try to listen in Miami?

You're listening to silence, a surreal sound that is only noticeable by its absence in such a setting, especially in today's loud, noisy world. 

Advertisers in the Miami area have begun producing muted video content and letting the visuals speak for themselves, delivering a powerful message without having to use any form of sound. Whilst the service does offer viewers unwilling to listen to this medium of media the opportunity to listen to their advertisements with sound and in full screen, it still remains true that a single, silent picture can speak a thousand words. An example of this service is Pandora, a free internet-based radio station which allows its users to listen to their music whilst watching a silent advertisement.

We firmly agree with this approach to allowing viewers to customize their viewing experience, but before we get into the details, here is a bit of context for what we're trying to achieve and why.

A former Wall Street securities analyst, Mary Meeker is now a venture partner with Silicon Valley's leading firm, Kleiner, Perkins Caufield and Byers. According to her, around 419 million people around the world use AdBlockers which prevent advertisements from reaching their intended targets. This becomes especially noticeable when you consider that this means over twenty-two percent of the total number of people who own smartphones (1.9 billion) are blocking their ads.This renders the advertising process moot as the main goal is no longer being achieved, especially once you take into account how much money most companies spend on advertising.

The key goal for advertisers is for their advertisements to reach their intended audience, and the best way to accomplish this to take into account what the average person wants. At Kestum Bit, a strategic video production partner based in Miami, we believe that in open communication with your customers whilst also acknowledging that it's they who lead the conversation. Therefore, it is incredibly important to listen to what they want and make adjustments to your video advertising in order to meet their needs. 

The most important rule that we've picked up in our studies of the issue is that silence is golden. By taking into account the statistics from a variety of surveys, Facebook was able to determine that over eighty percent of their users did not like it when an advertisement began to play automatically with sound. In response, Facebook has set their advertisements to play soundlessly in the background where a person can see it without it distracting them or causing them to become irritated with the brand it's meant to be promoting. This proves the benefits of listening to their audience and providing a service that their audience asked for.

In fact, if a loud article begins to play automatically, a person is far more likely to close the page or scroll away than to pay attention to what it has to say. Yes, it will grab their attention, but often in the wrong way. 

However, if you can't use sound to market your product and advertise, what can you do to capture the attention of your audience? It's important to consider the following points before contacting a video production company so that you'll be able to determine exactly what you need.

Remember to keep churning out great content, but make a few minor changes. Here are a few guidelines to follow to ensure your advertisement reaches its intended target and leaves a lasting positive impression. 

1) Remember the two-second rule. Advertisements are no longer as they used to be. People are busier and there are a huge variety of other distractions pulling attention away from your ad. Make sure that the first two seconds of your video is strong enough to draw in your audience and hold their attention. They're the most important seconds of the video as those two seconds will determine whether or not the person will choose to watch the rest of the advertisement or skip it. 

2) Use the silence to your advantage. Rather than waste time and effort fighting against having to create a video that does not require sound, revel in it. Work on ensuring you have powerful, captivating visuals that compel the viewer to keep watching. Use silent techniques such as countdowns to hold their attention and make them feel like they're getting somewhere. 

3) Make sure your "call-to-action" is visible within the first ten seconds. Yes, this may break a few of the rules of advertising, but it's important to ensure that your brand or message is out there. Most viewers that are disinterested are likely to click off from the video if the first ten seconds of the video fail to catch their attention, so it's important that you use this brief window to get your message out there. Simplify and include a single, easy to read title card into the video that is very easy to read that advertises your offer. 

4) Use subtitles. One of the most glorious concepts of those old noir films of yore was that they were able to tell an entire, compelling story in silence using only subtitles to get across their necessary message. By adding subtitles, you're engaging the viewer whilst also making your video more accessible, and research shows that by using subtitles, you increase the views that your video will receive. 

5) Utilize feelings and raw emotions. There is nothing in the world that speaks to people more than their emotions, and targeting them to draw out a reaction is the perfect way to get them invested in your offer or message. Focus on something that genuinely moves you and use that to craft an intense, emotional video that affects your audience as well. Let your video evoke a strong emotional response from your viewers so that your video will stay with them even after it has finished playing. 

Of course, if you're looking to create an amazing and well-constructed video, whether muted or with sound, just give one of our experienced Miami video producers or creatives a brief call or send an e-mail. We can help with our creative, dynamic, and professional video production services. 

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