MUTED & MOBILE in Tampa Bay

Kestum Content Diary #1


Can you hear it Tampa Bay ? The sound of silence.


It’s Tampa Bay  advertisers serving up their video content on mute. Users can easily un-mute the video content and watch in full screen view. Case in point: Internet radio platform, Pandora now allows users control over their ad experience.


We agree with this approach. But first a little context…


When Mary Talks…

Mary Meeker, former Wall Street securities analyst and current venture partner with Silicon Valley firm, Kleiner, Perkins Caufield & Byers says, “…that 419 million people worldwide now block mobile ads, an even more substantial number when you consider that there are 1.9 billion smartphone users.” That’s a lot of blocked ads.


At Kestum Bilt (a video production company in Tampa) we believe in dialogue. We also believe that your audience, aka your Tampa Bay customer is driving the conversation. So it’s imperative to listen, understand and make adjustments to your video content accordingly.  


Silence Is Golden

Numbers don’t lie. 80 percent of Facebook users dislike loud ads playing in their newsfeed. Also, in a recent survey, over one third of those same folks preferred muted ads. Facebook has set ads to play automatically but without sound.  Facebook is listening to their audience.


So here’s the question: If you can’t use sound (at least up front) to grab audience attention, what do you do? Before contacting a video production company read the following.

Keep Making Great Content – With Some Tweaks

Here are some quick guidelines to follow:

  1. The NEW Two Second Rule – What used to be 5-7 seconds to grab your audience, now is only two seconds. Make those first two seconds count like a mofo.

  2. Embrace the Silence – Instead of struggling trying to figure out what to do with sound, use compelling visuals or even a countdown.

  3. 10 Second CTA – Put your CTA in the first 10 seconds. We know, this breaks normal direct response best practices. Don’t worry. These days, you need to cut to the chase: get a chyron/title card in that’s super easy to read with your offer.

  4. Subtitles – Just like silent movies of yore, add subtitles. Research shows that by adding subtitles view times goes up.

  5. Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings – It’s emotion, baby. And story. Tell a story visually. Find what moves you emotionally, what gets your juices flowing. If you’re affected then your audience will be too.

And of course, if you’re looking for kick-@$$ video content muted and un-muted, give one of our Tampa video producers and creatives a quick call or email.  We can help you with our creative and professional video production services.

Sincerely  (silent) Your Tampa Video Production Company friends at Kestum Bilt.


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