Pete Guzzo, Executive Creative / Director

Black Belt In “Keeping It Real"

A multi-award winning Director, Executive Producer and Creative, Pete Guzzo doesn’t think outside the box. His mantra is, “What box?” His eclectic and notable 15-year career includes over 100 productions. He’s directed everything from the devastatingly emotional PSA Against human trafficking in Tampa, the deeply sweet and personal Jackson Memorial commercial, and an inspiring weight loss product.

Pete is a creative with unlimited vision. The space from which he works best is outside of the creative box. He always looks to expand his horizons and constantly seeks creative challenges.

Pete has forged an eclectic career from behind the camera. He has quickly catapulted to success through a variety of production experiences as a Commercial Director, Executive Creative, Executive Producer, and Indie Film Director, winning numerous and substantial global awards.

It’s no secret that Pete’s ability to create compelling visual storytelling comes from his aptitude to see beyond the words of the script. Each story he tells is about people. He comfortably showers the audience with the backstory of every character, no matter their significance … whether a major character in a film or a bit player in a public service announcement (PSA).

Pete’s creativity continues away from his production work. He creatively challenges himself by coming up with new, ambitious workout routines, grilling new recipes on his smoker, or volunteering to produce PSAs for non-profit organizations and charities.

Pete’s Experience

●      15 years in commercial, original content, broadcast television and new media productions

●      13 years as a Creative Lead and Director

●      13 years as Senior Producer and Creative Lead at a boutique production company

●      15 years producing and directing broadcast/TV network content

●      15 years creating and managing non-profit productions

●      Collaborated with marketing firms, in-house brands, advertising agencies, production companies and broadcast television networks

Pete’s rich background and elevated production experience ensure that he has nurtured and grown many client relationships with advertising agencies and their clients, reaching and even exceeding their financial goals and marketing results.

Pete’s Reel

Pete has produced multiple forms of visual content for various well-known national and local brands.

Whether he’s creating breakthrough marketing for Fortune 500 companies or volunteering his time for PSA’s and non-profits, Pete envisions and digs into every detail of every story he touches. He looks and finds the connection and sees the humanness on screen from a :30 spot to a feature film.

In the wee hours of any given morning you’ll find Pete coming up with ambitious workout routines, conjuring new grill recipes with his smoker and juicing everything from turmeric to golden beets.