Ricardo Ceballos, Director / Editor

Moving Image Evangelist & Funmeister

Ricardo is a true triple threat: Producer, Writer and Director. After migrating from his beloved motherland, Colombia with two Gabriel Garcia Marquez's books, a Spanish to English dictionary, a few dreams, he now calls Miami Dade County and Orlando home.

Ricardo starts a project by finding a piece of music, album or playlist that he can use as reference. A soundtrack. That piece of music always helps him set the look, feeling, rhythm, and emotion. He says a lot of it comes from intuition, not overthinking at this point, and sleeping on it.

Once a soundtrack has been set, he’ll play that track or playlist over and over, while I breaking down the script or creative treatment piece by piece. He really likes to know, study, and learn all the pieces of the puzzle, especially how to get from point A to Point B. Afterward, he will write a full description of each scene, including acting, framing, lighting patterns, art direction, potential color palette, transitions, camera angles, image texture and finally what type of camera and lenses feel right for the overall piece.

Once he has a good idea of how things might look the time comes to research pictures from photographers that have a lot of experience on the type of creative project he’s working on. Most of the time he ends up looking at pictures of photographers from the 60s, 70s and 2000s for a much modern look, and real people on instagram.

Then, it’s just a matter of drafting a detailed director’s treatment including only my favorite content from the research I’ve done. This is his favorite part, because a lot of things evolve while working on it. Most of the time, he will only stop playing with it until the very last minute. 

One project Ricardo sets apart from all the others. As he tells it: There’s a Music Video I directed for Walt Disney World with a song by the Colombian Grammy Winner group ChocQuibTown, where we only used real people to sing different sections of the song. For the final section of the song, I wanted to have 300 real people doing a choreographed danced routine on Main Street USA (Magic Kingdom Park).

After weeks and weeks of negotiations with the Disney Park we were allowed to borrow main street USA from 4am until 8am in the morning. Now, think about the logistics of bringing 300 people to Magic Kingdom (Including kids) in the middle of the night, have them learn the dance routine before coming, and getting 2 min to rehearse Technocrane/Steady cam combo shot moving through the crowd to reveal Mickey, Minnie, Goofey, Donald and Pluto, then finish with a real fireworks explosion coming from Cinderella’s castle. It was nerve-wracking but it the end it all worked out and until this day, this project has been one of my favorite projects ever :)

A director by day and soccer junkie and musician by night, you can usually find him watching films, shooting films, and supporting his fashionista fetish. He subscribes to the adage, “Some things seem impossible until they’re done.”