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Carefully crafted video content



We’re a unique collective of talented, creative minds offering a collaborative partnership that’s grounded in strategic thinking and compelling content. We’ve honed our craft working 25+ years in branded digital/social video content and commercial and broadcast production. Our team of directors, producers, editors and creatives have a shared love of craftsmanship and quality. We believe that a relentless attention to detail makes the difference between good and great.

Oh Yeah. We're a full service commercial video production company.





As a full service video production company we’re committed to our client’s success from preproduction to postproduction. Regardless of whether the client understands the basic processes of video recording, our team can channel the client’s ideas into an onscreen masterpiece. Our team formulates a vision that employs both basic and sophisticated video production methods to create a seamless final product.


Our Atlanta video production company saves our clients from having to worry about creating a detailed script, camera moves and angles, hiring a cast of actors, set design and more. Through an interactive process, we turn the client’s original idea and resolve road blocks that prevent turning that idea into reality. Pertinent questions are answered, such as the following:

·         What is the idea really about?

·         Which format provides the best return on investment?

·         Who will be casted?

·         Who are the intended audience?

·         How much will the project cost?

We prevent costly errors from occurring. Without the expertise that comes from schooling and experience, it is difficult to deliver a final product that delivers the message the client wants at a price that is affordable and on budget. Part of the disparity from a novice produced video and our Atlanta video production company is simple economics. The average person does not have access to top-of-the-line equipment that is in most cases at select companies, for instance at a broadcast studio or our video production company in Atlanta. While this equipment can be expensive, running in the thousands of dollars, it truly makes the final product standout with vivid picture and crisp sounds. Quality is an attribute that cannot be faked as the audience naturally can differentiate expertise due to an abundance of daily media communications.

As any specialists in video production will tell you, a studio shoot can be expensive and time must be best utilized to ensure tasks are being accomplished. A well trained producer can efficiently interpret from a script the size a set should be and how long the production will take. With experience comes the understanding of how to make the staff and crew lean, cutting costs and saving our client’s money on the bottom line.

Our team has the capabilities to shoot on location without sacrificing quality in the final production. This is ideal because it can be advantageous to have a setting that can’t be replicated within a studio. Having the real location, such as a father and son fishing in Key West along a beautiful sunset in the background as they reel in a Permit is preferable to a green screen and a prop boat in a studio.

Our Atlanta video production company specializes in a wide variety of film production categories, as our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to public institutions such as universities and libraries. Accessible are past projects from our company by clicking here. One of our highest viewed projects that we’re especially proud of is our documentary on human trafficking in Tampa Bay.

To create that documentary took journalistic skill juxtaposed with scenic locations. Our team built up a wealth of material to provide a factual and detailed account of human trafficking in Tampa Bay. As any expert in video production will tell you, a film project is like building a house—until the variety and amount of materials are accumulated, a project cannot commence. Once that has occurred—leading to post production—a rough cut is put together, providing a coherent piece.

A rough cut is the film at its most basic elements, without fancy effects, graphics and titles. The rough cut pieces all the best scenes and material so as to ready the project for the next step, which is the fine-cut. Through the final-cut, the project is finalized into its finished form, where the aesthetic decisions have been decided.


Our Atlanta video production company is amongst the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry, as they are from a variety of backgrounds that provides diverse perspectives in each and every project. Whether you have tan idea, a detailed script, or need assistance in brainstorming, our staff can get the ball rolling on building a project synonymous with success. Ultimately, the final package is a computation of collaboration and hard work, which is rare to find in our industry today.

We encourage you to ask around about our reputation from past clients and competitors as we consistently deliver a quality product that produces high audience and customer satisfaction. Customer service is paramount to our success and our staff prides itself on always being available for our clients, answering questions and providing solutions to achieve our collective goals. To reach out to our team, simply click here where you will be redirected to a forum to submit a message. From there, we also provide contact information to executives and sales agent. Our main line is (404) 919-7310.