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KƎSTUM BILT is a unique new collective of talented creative minds from around the country who have deep content, commercial and broadcast production experience. Our directors, producers, editors and creatives have a shared love of craftsmanship in the work we do. We believe that a relentless attention to detail makes the difference between good and great.

We know that “cutting corners” always comes back to bite you. And we never forget that if the work isn’t delivered on strategy, on time, and on budget, then it doesn’t matter how gorgeous it looks.

If you’re a company (large or small), ad agency, or marketing firm that shares the same philosophy, then you should get to know Kestum Bilt. We’re big on cultivating strong long-term partnerships with our clients. Partnerships that are built on trust and your satisfaction—not on our bottom line. 

Oh Yeah. We're a full service video production company in the Miami / Fort Lauderdale area.

We offer free creative brainstorming and will also help you create a budget for free.  

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The Best Video Production Company in Miami

If your business is looking to increase brand awareness, you’ve come to the right place. Our Miami video production company allows strategic access to the global village. Our team consists of seasoned veterans in video production, with many years of experience under their belts, ready to dominate your competition in your upcoming project.

Our video production company has the art of film making down to a science. We use top-of-the-line equipment and strategies. We also know the amount of time that must be allocated for completion of various tasks to ultimately create a package that accomplishes the collective goals planned and is exceptional in its final form.

Stages of Video Production

The first step of the process is pre-production, which can be broken down into three parts: storyboard design & illustrations, graphics design & visualizations, and casting. For storyboard design & illustration, this stage helps manage expectations, as the written word becomes illustration, organizing the content in a visual blueprint. Gaps or omissions become apparent, saving both time and money in the production and postproduction process as these are fixed.

Secondly, this stage focuses on the graphics and visualizations that will be included in the package. Our team can inspect the graphics for size and quality, helping us to collectively determine if custom graphics are needed. It is imperative that the graphic meets and exceeds standards, because as little as three seconds of the graphic view on the final package can turn off an audience, diminishing their opinion on the overall quality of the film.

Next is casting, which can be difficult for newcomers to the field. This is conducted through a series of casting sessions, which can be as few as one to as many as three or four—if necessary. Experience is vital as the talent can be variable, requiring our team to creatively choose the most appropriate options to match the people in the script.

At this point, preproduction begins to wrap up as the logistics of the production are finalized, such as the time and dates, costumes and props, and locations of the shoots. Which brings us to the next step: Production.

For production, many variables come into play in this portion of the project, as the director has a heavy influence on the success of each and every scene. Basically, the more experienced the director at this point, the better chances that the package will be a viral sensation. It is imperative that the scenes be shot according to schedule so as to stay on budget.

Often this portion is divided between shooting within a studio and shooting on location. Careful planning becomes evident at this point as the crew and equipment will need to be present on specific days and times; as will following the schedule to capture all the scenes without going over budget.

Finally, the last step, which is postproduction. Imagine playing a jigsaw puzzle that depicts your company logo. At first, the pieces are scattered about, representing the collective solution only in your mind; however, like video production, as we pass each step and their corresponding stages, the final picture of the logo becomes more clear as the majority of pieces are placed together in its depiction. Postproduction is the same—putting the pieces together from the production process by seasoned editing specialists. These specialists molded the various scenes into a final form by juxtapose different shots and sounds, and finding the exact points to combine these elements.

The Best Miami Video Production Company

If you’re interested in increasing brand awareness, our video production company is ready to perform the best industry practices to create a package that will generate significant return on investment. Our team formulates a vision that employs both basic and sophisticated video production methods to create a seamless final product. We’ll enable your access to the global village with a package that will impress current and potential customers—not to mention, inspire envy from your competitors!

Our team is passionate about our work, as we’re vicarious purveyors of current events within the industry. Having read this information, we encourage you to view a sample of our recent work, by visiting: Alternatively, to chat with one of our specialists, call (305) 908-8694or simply fill out our contact form by following this link: