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Content is king, and for a business propaganda to standout in our always on digital marketplace requires the assistance of an experienced video production company. These days, with the availability of high quality reasonably priced equipment, one can easily produce content at a fraction of the cost; however, this discount in production does not guarantee success in the long run, as the highly skilled video production company will have more videos that go viral than the lucky hit-or-miss newcomer. To produce the next viral sensation, an understanding of the industry and how to create the best content is essential.

Tampa video production company Kestum Bilt is the leader in this field, hitting home run after home run for a diverse set of clientele. Our company is in high demand as our team is one of the best in the industry. We understand the trends in an evolving, increasingly convergent industry, able to identify and utilize the best practices and employ these in our work.


To start, the process is divided into three stages: preproduction, production, and postproduction. In preproduction, the proposal, breaking down the script and budgeting are tasks that standout in this stage. Production relates to the setup and capturing of visual image and sound. Lastly, postproduction is characterized by editing and remaining tasks to aid in the completion of the project.

In preproduction, there are several important terms that define the process and must be completed. A proposal, or market summary, is used to sell or promote a project. A storyboard is a visual representation of important scenes within a package in often a graphical format. The budget defines how funds will be utilized within a project and provides safeguards to ensure that the project stays on budget. The synopsis summarizes the story line in a paragraph. The script is the completed story or project provided on paper.

Production commences with setting up the background and initiating a rehearsal, so when the actual recording is underway, the content is preformed according to plan. Many variables come into play in this portion of the project, as the director has a heavy influence on the success of each and every scene. Basically, the more experienced the director at this point, the better chances that the package will be a viral sensation.

In postproduction, the success of the film is now in the hands of seasoned editing specialists. Having an understanding of the industry and the commonalities of the best films aids in the success in this stage, as there is a lot of material that needs to be molded into a final form. These specialists from the best video production companies juxtapose different shots and sounds, finding the exact points to combine these elements.


It takes a team effort to combine these three stages to produce a successful final project. The writer or director must visualize how one part will translate into the next part, then flow into the final part of the package in a logical progression

As with any video production project, the final product often varies due to a variety of variables that in most cases are rather predictable. Their predictability is simple—the more experienced the company working on the video is, the better chance that the final product accomplishes the specific goal. By experienced, we don’t mean the team has been working since the invention of the computer in the mid-20th century; rather, the team understands and applies the best production practices to their work. In short, the production company doesn’t just work hard, they work smart.

The market is saturated by legions of armatures who are armed with a smartphone and a YouTube account, claiming expertise while their efforts are anything but. Within this environment, the unscrupulous amateurs often take advantage of everyday business owners who are not well versed in the field of video production. Their lack of talent is only obvious when one of the best video production companies stand side-by-side with these up-and-comers and expertise stands out.

If your business is interested in taking your promotional materials to the next level, reach out to our team today! To chat with one of our specialists, call (813) 336-5233 or simply fill out our contact form by visiting http://www.kestumbilt.com/talktous/. Our team is passionate about our work, as we’re vicarious purveyors of current events within the industry. We constantly beat our competition—to view a sample of our recent work, access our Eye Candy page by clicking here.

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