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How Relative Are They??


For the past few years, digital and social content have reigned supreme for a business’s marketing efforts. But many have questioned whether these forms of marketing are still relevant in 2017.

We’ve come a long way in terms of quality productions. Some businesses which don’t have millions to spend on their marketing have made room in their budget to pay a video production company to create beautifully designed content.

But as time goes on, there are some who’ve started to question whether this is still an adequate form of marketing, or just a fun form of entertainment.

Just How Relevant Are Digital and Social Content for Your Business?

One reason people think digital and social content is no longer relevant is because so many people are doing it. But that’s kind of like saying (back in the day) that you didn’t want to put your business phone number in the phonebook because everyone else was doing it too.

Granted, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of content, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant. Just as with the phonebooks of the past, the easier you are to find, the more likely people are to reach out for your services.

And that’s where high-quality digital and social content comes in. When people like what you have to share – like awesome videos with amazing quality – they’re more likely to share those videos with others.

One of the best ways to keep your business and your marketing efforts relevant is to keep your content relevant. When you share information with your target audience that is helpful, inspiring, or intriguing, they’re more likely to sit up and take notice.

We’d like to offer a word of caution, though: don’t bombard people with your services or special offers. Most people don’t happen onto social media to be sold products or services. They go there to be entertained or educated. If your only purpose is to promote your business, no one will listen. And that’s when digital and social content becomes irrelevant.

Why Choose a Video Production Company for Your Content

Not only does great content make your marketing efforts relevant, so does professional video production. When you use a video production company, as opposed to home videos, people are more likely to take notice.

Add to the fact 65% of people are visual learners and you’ve got a definite reason to invest in a professional commercial video production.

Not only does a professional video present the informative content so many people look for online, it also shows potential customers you are willing to go above and beyond. Sure, you could just shoot a cheap video on your phone, but isn’t everyone doing that?

Remember – doing what everyone else is doing is what can make you irrelevant. You need to do things differently. Think about the old phone books again. Just doing what everyone else was doing – putting a business name and phone number in the Yellow Pages – was a great way to get lost. Those that wanted to be found invested in a half- or full-page ad that appealed to their market.

The same can be said of your company. No, digital and social content aren’t irrelevant. It’s utilizing them the wrong way that leads a company down that path. When you invest in quality content, you keep your company in the forefront of people’s minds.

Look Polished and Professional with Commercial Video Production

Hiring a video production company to create a professional video for your business can do wonders to fine-tune your marketing efforts. These productions will look pristine and polished, and they’ll make your company look like it cares about the viewing experience of your potential customers.

And that’s because you do. You understand the more effort you put into appealing to your market, the more likely they are to be attracted to your brand.

This is where we come in. When you choose our video production company, you will get a commercial video which is high-quality, professional, and beautiful.

Are you interested in wowing your potential clients and customers? Then you should consider a professional video production. Contact us for more information about how our services can take your business to the next level.


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