Tampa Brands Get Reel with Docu-Style Content

Should Your Tampa Company Create a Documentary That Tells a Story About Your Brand?

Purina: Real Pet Stories. Produced by Pete Guzzo

Purina: Real Pet Stories. Produced by Pete Guzzo

According to Wikipedia …

A documentary film is a nonfictional motion picture intended to document some aspect of reality, primarily for the purposes of instruction, education, or maintaining a historical record.

Today, brands in Tampa are using documentary-style or docu-style video content to get their message out instead of using a traditional company video.  So should you contact a Tampa Video Production Company and jump on this real content hyperloop train?

We say, yes. Contact a video production company in Tampa. But first let’s talk.

What Is Docu-Style Content?

Simply put, docu-style video content is a documentary that is either directly or tangentially related to a product or service one is promoting (instead of a traditional commercial or company video content.)  For instance, the shaving brand, Gillette did a series of content exploring the lost art of kissing. It featured an attractive woman asking men and women about the upside and downside of kissing someone with facial hair.  Gillette, uses this ‘man-on-the-street’ video to find out if kissing is on the decline. A perfect piece of content for Gillette to engage and entertain their audience and drive millions of impressions of awareness.

BS Radar

The age of the singular promotional ad is dead and yes that includes in Tampa. Okay, not dead merely transformed. The one-way monologue company video of yesterday direct to the consumer is now a two-way street. Today, brands in Tampa need to dialogue with their customers who are driving the conversation and it is in every brand’s best interest to listen, and listen well. Consumers have very good bullshit radar, so when brands are inauthentic, desperate or pushy people know.

Break on Through

Whether it’s a heart felt story like Dove's "Amazing Moments" or the new campaign"North Face Questions Madness", brands are embracing content that tell a story. And there’s a good reason. In the age of ‘reality’ TV, where content platforms are popping up everywhere, docu-style content is a powerful way to connect emotionally with your audience and tell your brand's story. Human beings are hard-wired for good story telling. Particularly today, where potential customers can be easily distracted and ADHD is the order of the day, brands need a way to cut through the noise.  

But Wait! There’s Mo’ Social

Additionally, brands are using docu-style video content in social media to engage, inform and entertain versus traditional advertisements. This helps brands gain credibility with their customers. Particularly customers who like to be in control and learn about a brand.

Story. Story. Story.

So let’s assume you’ve already done your data-driven homework and your team has a deep understanding of your Tampa customer’s pain points, desires and maybe channel specific preferences.

Now what?

Did we mention story? Get to the heart of your brand’s story – one that will resonate deeply. One that will get your customer to get connected with your brand.

Contact a Tampa video producer who has a deep understanding about video production services in Tampa and how to create the perfect docu-style content for your brand.  

Do your homework?

Research video production services in Tampa and see which Tampa video producers and video production companies have engaging documentaries as part of their video production reels.   

Pick the phone?

Good advice especially if you’re  a non-profit looking to create
docu-style video content and you want to know more about a particular tampa video production company that created a documentary for their nonprofit.

We believe that …

Great docu-style branded content is when your customer or potential customer can’t wait to share it the same way as if it was a film, a TV series or comedy clip.

And the way to do that is to tell a great story. Case in point, The Humane Society of Silicon Valley created this short film that is emotional as it is inspiring. Just try not to get choked up watching this excellent short.

Plus CHECK OUT our Tampa documentary landing page.  Click here.

Or go directly to Pete Guzzo’s, Ricardo Ceballos’ and Kip Hewitt’s line up of documentaries.

Do we believe in docu-style content? Definitely. Is it right for your brand? Quite possibly. Give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s talk.

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