Three Lessons for Greatness in 2017

2016 had its ups and downs. With all the turmoil going on in the world, how was the year for you? Was it the year that made you believe anything is possible or did it you leave you uninspired? Did 2016 become the year that got your business to take off and kept your customers happy, all while hitting that sweet-spot in the work-life balance? Well, you're not likely to have had it that good but maybe you got close. 

For us here it at Kestim Bilt we can say that 2016 was amazing. We are dedicated to constantly improving and learning new ways to propel ourselves and our Tampa clients to the top. Our year was exceptional and it showed us a few things along the way. Some of them may be lessons that you can learn from as well so please make use of them where you can. 

You probably don't want to hear us go on and on about all of our stellar video production campaigns and brilliantly produced content. Or bore you with the details about every one of our satisfied Tampa customers that raves about the productions and films that we helped them create. Instead we're going to share with you the three most important lessons that 2016 taught us. We have a feeling that they'll help you out as well. 

1. Assign Meaning to Everything

Whatever you are doing has to mean something to you. That is the only way to bring the best out of it. If you don't know what you are striving towards, a lack of enthusiasm or bad attitude will wear you down.

Getting up at the crack of dawn to produce a company video for a Tampa client all day long is not easy. The people that we work with are only able to keep up because of how much they love their jobs. For them, waking up as early as 4 in the morning is something that they consider a privilege. The way that they see it, they could be the employee who looks at every task as a chore, or as the optimistic employee who takes every task as an opportunity to help the video production company and client grow while enjoying the creation part of the process. 

We've learned that you can assign meaning to anything in life. The meaning that we assign to our clients is that they were sent to us so that we can add incredible value and sustainable growth to them and ourselves at the same time. This mentality brings the best out of us.

2. See the Greatness in Everything

As people we tend to project our expectations onto every situation. If we believed that there were going to be particular challenges that would test our resolve, that's what played out. If we went into situations expecting the best possible results and striving towards them, then that's usually what we got and sometimes it was even better than we could have hoped for. This may sound like magic but it isn't really. It's just how life works. The energy that you put into the world comes back to you tenfold. They call it the law of karma. Learn how to use it and it will work wonders for you. All that you have to do is set the right intention.  

(This definitely works for all of our Tampa clients and for our commercial production company)

3. Interact With Others

Other people carry a world of unique knowledge and experience. In most cases they're just waiting for an opportunity to let their individual brilliance shine through and they will love you for giving them the chance to do so. Interacting with others seems like such an obvious thing to do but you would be surprised by how many commercial production companies just let it slide. We take things differently.

At Kestim Bilt we value what everybody has to offer. We treat everyone that way whether you are a colleague, a client, a friend or that guy on the street who makes the awesome coffee. Technology and the urban sprawl means that we are more connected to each other than ever. We should use that to our advantage. Everyday life is a game of adding people to your experience. Choose the ones that will help you achieve your goals and keep them close. This is how we manifest our dreams.

Now that we've told you why we're so awesome and what life-lessons we are taking with us going forward, we can bore you with our list of targets that we wish to hit in 2017.

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