Good. Fast. Low-Cost. Choose Two.


Companies, Tampa video production company’s creatives, and video producers LOVE to talk about brand-spanking-new concepts and marketing content first and hold off until the very end to have the almighty video budget conversation, which makes perfect sense, considering that without a monumental concept for your video content, who gives a rat’s @$$ about what the budget is yet?

A potential client and a Tampa production company’s creative team will talk shop for hours at a time over the course of several meetings, then walk out of a brainstorming session feeling as if they are now kin. And if you listen closely, you can hear the clients’ whispers to each other: “They really get it. They really do get our company’s vision for our new video marketing content.”

All at once, a numerical reality kicks into overdrive, and the video producer turns in the estimate to its promising client.


Keep this in mind when reading the following; this could happen to you one day.

“Where the hell did they get these numbers from???!” “Did they even understand our vision for this video content campaign???!!!” “They don’t get what we are trying to accomplish. They really don’t.”

An unpleasant situation has come about and could conceivably put a huge damper on what may have been a solid relationship between a long-term client and a video content production company.

Is there a solution? People in the industry recognize that a video producer needs to understand the concept to develop an accurate estimate, and that the client has to utilize their time in an efficient and effective way.

Honestly, there is no clear solution, but there are ways to make budgets more palatable for both parties. Companies should learn how budgets are created for video production content before starting a conversation on content development.

Video production companies need to explain the estimated budget instead of just sending a number. A company suggesting budget options instead of one definitive number demonstrates guidance and a customer centric approach.

Future articles will go more in-depth about the video production budget conversations; so, for now, let’s talk Video Content Production Budgets 101.


*[Please NOTE these are general guidelines and Kestum Bilt always recommends hiring a professional video production company with a solid reputation for creating video content.]


Good. Fast. Low-Cost. Choose Two.

There’s a catch in this phrase. You only have the ability to select two of these three variables.


1. Fast / Low-Cost


Most likely this is not the video production content you initially set out to creative.


This option can bring a lot of tension to a video content production.

Reach out to recent media and film school graduates in Tampa Bay who need to create great content for their reels.  They’ll typically work hard and for less money to get the job done


2. Good / Fast


The video content comes  out as good, better than expected or spot on.


A majority of the time Good and Fast are the two variables chosen.

A professional video production company in Tampa should always get hired when on the fast track.

An inexperienced company will not be able to react quickly enough to get the job done correctly.


3. Fast and low-cost.


Typically the video content  will turn out good, but it will take time.


Approach a video producer in Tampa who you know is passionate about creating great video content.  

A video producer may choose to take the project on if your concept is appealing and they get time to work on it.


In the future, keep those three relevant variables in mind before you approach a video production company with your new marketing video content.

You can reach out to Kestum Bilt and Pete Guzzo for more information about video production budgets.



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