Increase Your Visibility: Professional Video Production and Marketing Trends



Videos are something which draw us in and engage us. This is exactly why more companies are utilizing video marketing.

Video marketing is one of the best content marketing strategies a company can use these days. But finding success with video marketing isn’t as easy has hiring a video production company and posting a video to YouTube or on your website.

While a professional video production will make your videos stand out, there’s a lot more involved for successful marketing.

This is why we wanted to inform you of some of the latest trends in video marketing. These trends are sure to get you in front of your ideal audience and show them why they need to choose your product or service.

6 of the Top Professional Video Production and Marketing Trends

Does your company really need to use professional video production in your marketing efforts?


According to ComScore, over 100 million people watch online marketing videos every single day. How would you like a piece of that pie?

How would you feel if your marketing video went viral? Or, at the very least, could attract your ideal customer and show them why they need your company and your services?

If this sounds like a great goal to you, then read on! Implementing the latest trends is a great way to put your marketing budget to good use.

1. Self-Service Sales are Promoted by Professional Video Production

In the past, when people had a question about a product or service, they called customer service. Nowadays, more people prefer to find out for themselves. They like to watch “How-To” videos or read blogs about how a product will benefit them.

Having a quality video on your website (and promoted on social media) is a great way to educate your audience and give them what they want. When visitors to your site have information right in front of them, it will convert into more sales.

2. Quality is More Important Than Quantity – Now More Than Ever

Many people think the best way to be found online is to produce a lot of content. But times have changed. Yes, it’s important to post your written or video content regularly – but quality is now trumping quantity.

And we say: It’s about time!

Quality videos make it easier to engage the audience. People are more likely to stick around if the video is high quality than one that looks like the Blair Witch Project. Plus, when your audience sees you’re willing to invest in quality, they’ll associate your product or services with quality as well.

3. Video is Increasing in Popularity as a Marketing Technique

More and more companies are jumping on board the video marketing bandwagon – and for good reason. Videos capture the eye like a good photo, but then they engage the audience with great content and storytelling.

While a photo can grab a person’s attention for a few seconds, a good video can capture their attention for a few minutes. This, essentially, burns your company, your brand, your message into the viewer’s brain.

It’s an awesome way to make people remember you.

4. Professional Video Production Puts a Face to the Name – Which Customers Love

Customers love identifying with real people, as opposed to some big, faceless company. This is why various departments within companies are utilizing video, too.

The sales team, customer service department, even CEOs – they’re all creating videos to help personalize their company.

One interesting way some companies are doing this is by providing customized video responses to customers’ questions. A customer emails their question or concern to the customer service department.

Then, the service rep records a webcam video answering the customer’s question directly. The video is then sent via email to the customer.

This is a great way to make customers feel valued.

5. A/B Testing is a Must!

Testing content is the perfect way to find out whether a video resonates with an audience or not.

Marketing isn’t cheap, so we highly recommend A/B testing in order to put your money to good use. The results you get from the testing will show you what kind of videos your audience is most attracted to.

With this information, you can streamline your video marketing budget and post videos which are likely to bring in a higher ROI.

6. Longer Videos Are Gaining Popularity Over Short Ones

Long-form content isn’t just for blogs anymore. People are hungry for information.

If a company provides something of value which is produced in a high-quality manner, customers are going to eat it up!

A Video Production Company You Can Rely On

You want to be on the forefront of the current trends so your audience can successfully find you and so  you can get your message across to them.

It can be difficult to constantly keep up with all of the latest trends in professional video production and marketing.

Do you need assistance with your current marketing efforts? Have you considered professional video production? Contact us to find out more about how this form of marketing can skyrocket your business.